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Girl got to do what a girl got to do…

I did try my freaking best to work on my blog, on my project, on my studies the last 2 weeks but COVID invited his self in our home.

I was first! Did not get sick much except I did not have energie at all for the first 3 days…. Then my husband, white no symptomes neither, then our son, completely asymptomatique. Then my 2 daughters never caught it!!! It just float around them, that they can be positivie anytime. So we stay together for the 10 days. Girl got to do what a girl got to do…

Did you compte well? I have 3 kids, 1 positive assymptomatique. It is no vacation time for mama.… or for papa.

We manage to survive that periode with patience, laughter and a lot of wine. We keep the house clean enough and we work online as much as possible. Girl got to do what a girl got to do…

I had to cancel a lot of contracts and a few meeting. Including the meeting planned with my mentor….. Girl got to do what a girl got to do…

The only school stuff I find time to do is the text that will precede my charts. Read and write on my subject is so much fun. I really enjoy it. Girl got to do what a girl like to do to…

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